Criss Angel Coin In Soda Can

After returning from some mind numbing business meeting last night, I totally forgot about watching Mindfreak. It’s possibly surprising that I fall into the “rising tide raises all boats” school and believe Criss is good for magic. Actually, given its moribund state, I don’t think anything could hurt. Criss doesn’t perform the type of magic …

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Cleaning the desk

I’m working on some longer things, but these are just random dumps for your consideration: i/m in Blogland Blogs are kinda slow these days. Seems to be a sign of the times. I guess we’re all more concerned with paying for gas and heating our homes. Don’t worry, your crack Federal Government is on the …

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Fool Me Once

A year or two ago, I bought Silver Shifter – Steve Brooks’ $50 rubber coin. I swear that’s what it is. It also came with some silver colored powder and a Q-Tip, I think. If I rubbed the silver powder on the coin and I stood at one goal line of a football field and …

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