How’s Your Memory?

Memorized decks, repeating lists and other memory feats come and go in the fickle world of magic. RIght now they seem to be popular, possibly due to The Chinese Virus and virtual shows. I’m, personally, convinced that virtual shows will vanish like a fart in the wind when people finally wake up and realize many …

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The One Inch Bookshelf

Yesterday I spent way more time than I should have listening to some old man drone on and on about his theories on magic. He is a revered name so I have no intention of saying who it was or embarrassing him. He did nothing more or less than hundreds have before him. I tire …

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Different Crap

Tired of the same old crap? i/m ran across the http://Wild About Houdini blog while messing around today. Whoever is doing this is a huge fan and the entire blog seems to be written with a lot of care. Like most blogs, readership is pitifully low. I would suggest spending a few minutes checking this …

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