i/m Saves You $50!!!

  I see a famous memory expert has written his autobiography. (Spoiler Alert) I’ll save you more than fifty bucks:   He was born He wrote a few books He ultimately became an intolerable Dick

Are We Really That Gullible?

This is a re-release from approximately 10 years ago. At that time I described it as two guys fucking around in front of a camera and trying to sell it. After all of these years, this release can best be described as two guys fucking around in front of a camera and trying to sell …

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7 Boobs and a Magic Trick

Big Blind Media is certainly taking advantage of the overhead camera to explain this trick on their latest release Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2. Now don’t you understand the workings better! L&L Phase 2. By the way, this isn’t a bad collection at all. Some of the big names in card magic have …

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Stuff I’ll keep

As I get older I tend to spend less on new, current magic. Maybe I’m getting more discriminating are maybe I’m just cheaper. I think people my age tend to denigrate all new stuff and that’s not fair. Actually, there’s some very find material being released which is, unfortunately, drowning in a sea of rancid …

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A Real Secret Worth Knowing

If you didn’t know Andrew Musgrave, formerly the proprietor of Ye Olde Magick Blogge, has returned with a new blog. The new one is called The Burnaby Kid. I can’t tell you how happy I/M is to see him back. Andrew is passionate, intelligent, a good writer and he has balls! This makes for a …

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Any luck Roland?

I wonder if Roland ever had any luck with this post: Is there anyway to get in touch with you? Or is there anybody out there willing to get in touch with me? I’m planning a serious interview with one of you guys. It will be about the “deleting of threads” on the Magic Cafe. …

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