A personal tour of Blogland


Lost2smThere’s some good reading on some of the magic blogs right now. Of course there’s a load of crap too, but the balance isn’t quite as bad recently. Obviously, this reflects my likes and prejudices. Please take it as such.

B. D. Erland continues to write one of the most thoughtful and well constructed blogs in our strange little world. I particularly liked his article How to spend your 1st $100 in magic. This is kind of like the five foot shelf exercises, but with a very different slant. I really can’t argue with his choices, although I think I would have taken a different approach, but that’s what these articles are all about.

Andster, over at I, Magician can be a fun read. Posting has been more erratic lately, but he’s at that great age when the glands are still pumping wildly and has probably found girls a LOT more fun – at least I hope so. Like Tom Frank, he frequently puts more of himself in public than many of us are comfortable doing.

The Smiling Mule writes The Phantom Notebooks. It has become one of my favorite reads. Maybe, it’s because he’s as cranky as me. A recent article Deconstructing the Cafe was wonderful. He classifies the Cafe posters into 6 categories:

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Castle Notebooks – Who cares?

I’m just not too excited about the impending release of the Cervon notebooks – the infamous Castle Notebooks. The price is just plain stupid for scanned pages – especially given the rather large run (500). Even though Richard Kaufman seems to be on the rag permanently these days, I think he is justified in condemning …

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We Award the i/m DD Again



(It’s been a while since we awarded the i/m DD. Very honestly, the last award was a mistake. The award went to Paul Chosse and while I still maintain that his actions were over the top in the dispute which gave him the award, he appears to be a fine man and, possibly, his actions in that case were, in fact, justified.)

A friend pointed me to a discussion on the Cafe regarding Heiny 500, a version of Pat Page’s routine where he changes plain paper to real money – popularized by Greg Wilson on Hundy 500. At that point I hadn’t seen it, so I ordered it to see what the fuss was about. It seems that some purchasers felt the description of the gimmick was rather primitive and I have to agree it wasn’t very complete. That, however, is a mere sidelight. During the discussion, some doo rag with the screen name of Gabriel Knight chime in with –

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Quick trick recommendation

I know there is substantial disagreement whether the PATEO force actually fools anyone. It’s one of those things that shot by me the 1st time I saw it and then I later wondered how it ever fooled me. Anyway, there’s a neat trick in the December Genii by Max Maven called Electile Dysfunction. Although I’m seldom …

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Buyer Beware

I see Tim Trono is raving about an upcoming release from Bob Kohler called IVanish. Just remember – the last time he waxed so excited we got Hole In The Head!

Walking Eagle

Two weeks ago in up state New  York, Senator Hillary Clinton was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation. She spoke for almost an hour on her future plans for increasing every Native American’s present standard of living,  should she one day become the first female President.    She  referred to …

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Digital Dissolve – Again

As I pointed out in my original review of Digital Dissolve – IT IS STEVE DUSHECK’s EFFECT. Period.  I was glad to see David Regal come to the same conclusion in his review in the December Genii. Great minds……. Take care………