How To Float With Sexy Shoes


I use Google as my home page. It’s fast, reliable and easily customizable.

One of the items I get is the “How To” Tip Of The Day. Some of the stuff is kinda helpful. Yesterday was a popular article on how to remove scratches from CDs. Be careful taking advice, as it is nothing more than a Wiki, which means any fool with a computer can offer advice.

Anyway, recently it had How To Perform The Balducci Levitation. The description was so-so, but I believe anyone could learn it from the description. You think magic isn’t popular? It’s had about 50,000 hits to date. is supported by Google ads. Basically, Google reads the page and then places appropriate ads on the right side. This ad on the Balducci page caught my eye:

All Heels For Men will help you make the most of your feminine side! We offer a large selection of the sexiest heels, slippers, boots and stockings to make your legs look ladylike and alluring. We specialize in only sizes 9-17 especially for the transgendered man! Our retail store will be happy to take your order by phone at 954-748-5855 between the hours of 11am-9pm Eastern Time. We ship worldwide and rush orders are available upon request.

All Heels For Men is the web’s number one source for large-sized sexy shoes. If you are a crossdressing man who has a hard time finding the feminine shoes you love in large, hard to find sizes, your search is over! We have been serving the transgendered community for over ten years, and we look forward to serving you. Remember, refer to our size chart, or add two sizes to your male shoe size in order to find your female shoe size. Special requests are always welcome, and we will do our best to find just what your fantasy desires. Please email or call us!

Since the ads rotate with each access, you may or may not see this. Computer logic isn’t always perfect. Then again…….

Drivel & Drool

Another Report From Douche Bag Central……

Once again, an aristocratic, pompous ands unfair reply from the Cafe staffers (minor editing for readability):


Honest question posed: I have a friend who wants to sign up to the Café. BUt he is using a free email from yahoo. He got a message stating that free emails are blocked on this forum.

Is there a reason for doing so? There are so many people using free emails such as yahoo or hotmail. WHy prevent them from entering the Café?

Another user chimes in: My youngest son wanted to join recently, as he is interested in magic. He was disheartened and I was shocked that he was not allowed in because he doesn’t have money to be able to afford an email account other than the free one.

Cafe developer with basic Cafe Fuck Off Answer: I can assure you there are very valid reasons for it, but I’m not going to explain them here.

Suffice to say if you ever run your own board of this size, you may eventually decide to do the very same thing, perhaps even for the very same reasons. Even if you didn’t, you’d clearly understand why it’s being done here.

Groveling user with every bone in his body wanting to suggest that developer perform unholy act with computer, but refrains due to Cafe policies: Gene, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, or even contrary, but I don’t think I’d ever block some one from coming on board on the basis of their being poor.

Case in point? My son.


There’s no earthly reason for this approach except abuse. None. The answer wouldn’t have taken a minute. The real question here is does Brooks hire pompous, intolerable douche bags are does he train them in his own image?

If anyone reading this has this email problem, ask one of your computer savvy friends. It’s a very, very minor hurdle. There are hundreds of log ons available in the “underground”. Just hunt around.

Once again, we award the i/m Platinum Jackass to the Magic Cafe’ and its predicatable staff

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