A Tip Of i/m’s Hat

You don’t have to spend over 15 minutes in the blogosphere to realize the most intelligent magic commentary and advice is by Andy over at The Jerx. (That last sentence was very hard to write by an old timer like me. He will always be The Magic Circle Jerk to me. His exploits are legendary …

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The Smartest Man In The Room

I listen to a lot of magic podcasts. I walk my dog twice a day and generally listen to one if it is available. One of the most consistently good broadcasts has been The Insider from Vanishing Inc. Unfortunately, they’ve been on quite a losing streak from my perspective and bottomed out this week. At …

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The Resurrection Blog Post

All good things start with great intentions. Seldom are they realized. I was very proud of some of the work done on this blog. Sure, some was lame or just plain terrible, but there were a lot of good posts. Discouragement over lack of engagement gradually turned into total indifference on my part. This, unfortunately, …

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