Thinking Like A Magician–Part 1

Mike Close is certainly one of my favorite magicians. I am referring to him in his magician role, not as a person. Actually, in my few brief encounters with him he’s always been a little bit of a dick. Anyway he is the creator of one of my favorite tricks, The Pothole Trick. When properly …

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Silver Shafter

I missed an important anniversary recently. It was just over 10 years ago when I reviewed Steve Brooks’ masterpiece, Silver Shifter – the magic trick destined to change the way we perceive our universe  and our very being. For those that may be interested (and I strongly suggest it) you can find the original post …

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Good Enough

I’m a big fan of the reviews posted on My Lovely Assistant. They are sincere, well considered and well written. From my perspective, they suffer from a little bit of grade inflation, but that’s because I’m a cranky old fart and would rarely give anything more than three stars. On January 9, 2016, a review …

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