Criss Angel Coin In Soda Can


After returning from some mind numbing business meeting last night, I totally forgot about watching Mindfreak.

It’s possibly surprising that I fall into the “rising tide raises all boats” school and believe Criss is good for magic. Actually, given its moribund state, I don’t think anything could hurt. Criss doesn’t perform the type of magic I enjoy, but I’m certainly not in the target demographic.

I think there are over 400 posts on the Cafe’ about the Coin In Soda Can Trick and it hasn’t been released! Certainly he’s creating interest.

Since I missed the Coin In Soda Can performance, I was interested to see what was on the net about it. I now know:

1. It’s the obvious successor to Silver Shifter as the worst trick of all time and wouldn’t fool a newborn baby


2. Criss was taught this by visitors from an advanced civilization and he used science unknown to our race to accomplish this miracle.

Which is it?

Take care………

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