May Genii

Kaufman continues to deliver early. I got mine yesterday. For those of us that suffered through the Bill Larsen regime, it is a pleasure to have a regular publishing schedule.   Danny Orleans has become a quality reviewer.   I wish Jamy Swiss would spend less time trying to impress and more time reviewing worthwhile …

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516 and Counting

Without a doubt, Patrick Page’s Easy Money is one of the most reinvented and revised tricks in magic. In all fairness, it was a, somewhat, obscure trick until it was repopularized by Greg Wilson as Hundy 500. Since then we’ve had a number of variations offered. One of the most popular was Heiny 500 by …

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Now THAT is a bad day

British Airways has lost the hand luggage of a passenger who died on a BA flight from Hong Kong to London Heathrow last week. The luggage contained his mobile phone and address book, leaving the family unable to contact some colleagues and friends about his funeral. Professor Joel Richman, 74, a retired professor of social …

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