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I’m working on some longer things, but these are just random dumps for your consideration:

i/m in Blogland

  • Blogs are kinda slow these days. Seems to be a sign of the times. I guess we’re all more concerned with paying for gas and heating our homes. Don’t worry, your crack Federal Government is on the case.
  • Magician X continues to be the best writer with a currently active blog. He seems to have his hand in his pants a little too often for this old man, but I imagine he thinks I have my head up my ass too often for his taste. Obviously well educated and insightful. Frequently updated.
  • Tim Ellis posts regularly and his blog is worth your consideration.
  • MagicCentric must be spending his time trying to run down his lost kajonies after being neutered in the Haydn fiasco. I’m questioning whether he will ever come back. The last substantive post was on how to spell his name – and they say blogs are dull! His other blog – Atom something seems dead.
  • I enjoy both Tom Frank’s blog and The Magic Whack, but neither offer an RSS feed, so I seldom see them. C’mon fellers – that’s just silly. Likewise Euan Bingham.
  • Glenn Bishop tends to post in spurts, but it’s worth watching. He has some really good ideas.

I don’t understand Google

I’ve added Google AdWords to the site. Hey, if I can make a few pennies with little harm – that’s OK. AdWords supposedly reads the page and decides on what ads would be appropriate. On this page are ten articles. The Google spider persists in picking up on the couple of paragraphs regarding shoes for cross dressing men and putting ads for large size women’s shoes at the top.

One last Haydn comment

Whit Just Won’t Catch On

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly quote Hopalong Haydn here, because the Storm Troopers at Stalag Brooks deleted the entire thread about the 3 shell manuscript etc. etc. etc. etc………….

Somewhere in there Haydn AGAIN makes the mistake of saying he was reviled in the anonymous blogs for defending his friend Stephen F. Youell – he of the Bible citation email address – Sheesh!!! He must be a real holy man.

I don’t know why this is so damn difficult for him to absorb. He can perform unnatural acts with Youell 24/7 – buy billboards proclaiming how wonderful he is – name a star after him – whatever he wants. Please tell the world what a magnanimous, caring, misunderstood gentlemen he is. Feel free. I don’t give a fuck and neither does anybody else. That’s a fact. There’s actually real merit in defending a friend through thick and thin.

What is so damn irritating and unfair is Haydn virtually strutted around the Cafe, acting like some big time bad ass, knowing full well that anyone disagreeing with him would get sat on by Brooks’ ample ass. In short he was a bully. He deserves absolutely no quarter for any repurcussions arising from those actions. Absolutely none!

P.S. The article on the genesis of Whit’s name in the October Magic is worth a read.

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Who are these people and why are they running my country?!

I guess I might as well admit it – I HATE GEORGE F. BUSH.

I’m a lifelong Republican – errrr, make that Conservative. Something G2 professes to be. Barry Goldwater must be twisting in his grave. In some respects I guess G2 is not particularly worse than many of his predecessors, but I expected more. In retrospect, that was naive. I had read his father’s lying lips as he was going to make provisions for our retirement and less reliance on Social Security – sound familiar? That lasted 1 year before he caved in and repealed the law. If you ever heard G1 talk about it, it wasn’t the fact that he broke a firm promise that bothered him, but that he made the promise in a way people remembered it.

Now I hear G2 tell us he never said imminent when talking about the Iraqi threat. That may well be true, but the clear thrust for going into Iraq was the present danger they represented. George!! Listen up!! The next time you want to play word games, make it about getting a blow job in the Oval Office and not bankrupting our country on a wild goose chase. Hell, they couldn’t even get one plane in the air. What a big time threat they were! And….. you have the balls to say you would not have changed a thing if you knew all of these facts. Maybe you are as dumb as some people portray you.

Now we’re asked to sacrifice due to the hurricanes and the energy issues. What about your fucking buddies in the oil industry! George, you’re nominally the President. You could do something!

Make no mistake – big corporations, the most corrupt institutions in the galaxy, own this administration and I fear they are striking the final blow to this formerly great country as we speak.

It is said by some, George, that you feel you are on a crusade. If that crusade was other than destroy this country, you have failed. Our future generations will pay for your malfeasance and sheer incompetence.

Nice legacy……..

Prepare for President Hillary!

I think I’m going to be ill – very ill.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning the desk”

  1. First off I want to say that I love your blog. I can’t agree with you more. I am a conservative (not a Republican). I am a Reagan man. I voted for G2 because I thought he was the better of the choices. Unfortunately, our choises are getting to be slim and none. I think I’ll throw up if Hillary is elected.
    If you ever get bored you can go to and check out my blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

    As to G2 – It’s said, but I guess I’m still glad it’s not John Kerry, but the gap narrows hourly.



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