The price of censorship

I doubt anyone reading this blog (Hi Mom!) is unaware of what’s been going on with Hank Lee’s Magic Factory: Harry P. Levy, the owner of Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, admitted he made 134 false transactions between 2009 to 2011 on a customer’s American Express card totaling $561,927, according to a stipulation of facts signed …

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Just look at that boy cipher

Brooks sent out a PM today, 12/5/09, hawking some of His Holiness’ stuff. In part: from now until December 24th, 2009….blah, blah Don’t THOSE crease your Card Case?!? But there’s only about 10 days left…..blah blah Not only can he turn a clever phrase, but he ciphers like Jethro Bodine. Dumb ass!