i/m Saves You $50!!!

  I see a famous memory expert has written his autobiography. (Spoiler Alert) I’ll save you more than fifty bucks:   He was born He wrote a few books He ultimately became an intolerable Dick

Reading for the holidays

Several years ago, for personal and financial reasons, I got rid of most of my paperbound magic books, manuscripts and lecture notes. I’ve never actually regretted it, as it served a purpose. I made a few bucks and I got rid of many things I would never again use. Of course, there were some items …

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It was 50 years ago

this year that one of the most important things to happen to close-up magic occurred. Harry Lorayne published Close-Up Card Magic. This was closely followed by two small paperbacks Personal Secrets and My Favorite Card Tricks. I've always considered the threesome to be a single event. Like many others I cut my teeth on this …

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