i/m Not At FFFF —– AGAIN!!

To those that have been married for more than a few weeks, I assume that you have been drug to something called a house walk or home show. This is where you pay money to go look at houses and stuff you can’t afford. I’ve never understood that. “Gee, honey, look at that $50,000 gold …

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Magic on TV

Tucson comic magician on Letterman Tucson native Eric Buss is taking his comic, award-winning magic to latenight TV next Friday. ® | A look at the arts.

Magic doesn’t need this kind of publicity (or magician)

A professional magician was charged yesterday with multiple counts of sexual assault on allegations he molested a Collingswood girl numerous times over 10 years, authorities said. Local magician charged in sex assaults on girl | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/27/2007. Take care…….. Things are more like they are now than they ever were before. – Dwight …

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