Silver Shafter

I missed an important anniversary recently. It was just over 10 years ago when I reviewed Steve Brooks’ masterpiece, Silver Shifter – the magic trick destined to change the way we perceive our universe  and our very being. For those that may be interested (and I strongly suggest it) you can find the original post …

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i/m in Bug Tussle


It was one week ago today that I returned from Tennessee and the Winter Carnival of Magic in Pigeon Forge. I’ve gone off and on for over 30 (damn!) years. I always have a good time and I think this is one of the best local conventions in the country. The members of the local club should be very proud of the job they do. This year was not a good time for me to go, but I really wanted to see David Williamson. In my book, he’s the best foole in the business (to use an old George Carlin bit).

Scot at Scot’s Magical Mystery Tour has already done a better job than I could ever hope to do of reviewing the convention. Make sure you read it. I’m doing the usual i/m brain dump of impressions, likes, dislikes and opinions.


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