Are We Really That Gullible?

This is a re-release from approximately 10 years ago. At that time I described it as two guys fucking around in front of a camera and trying to sell it. After all of these years, this release can best be described as two guys fucking around in front of a camera and trying to sell …

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7 Boobs and a Magic Trick

Big Blind Media is certainly taking advantage of the overhead camera to explain this trick on their latest release Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2. Now don’t you understand the workings better! L&L Phase 2. By the way, this isn’t a bad collection at all. Some of the big names in card magic have …

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Missed Target

I’ve spent a good bit of time over the last couple of days watching John Bannon’s latest DVD effort, Bullet Party. It’s not bad, just uninspired. It reminds me so much of the later efforts of Ammar, Malone and Osterlind. They just seem tired and the best material was already used.  All of the excitement …

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Damn! That dude is cool

I see that Big Blind Media is about to produce their second set of videos featuring John Bannon, Bullet Train. It is available now for pre-order according to an ad on the Café. To their credit, I didn’t see a promised delivery date. The trailer on their site shows John performing an intriguing looking trick. …

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I think I’ll just play with the box

imageOne of the funnest (yeah, I know – just trying to sound like the street types that permeate every DVD) things I ever did was attend a convention where Paul Harris was the headline attraction. Not only was he the featured act and lecturer, but if you were lucky enough to register early and had $25 (a big deal then) you had a small group session with Paul. He was a charming host and willingly helped everyone. I was a fan before the convention and that experience only served to reinforce and magnify my appreciation of the man and his work. This was well before Paul went away to contemplate. I continue to be a huge fan to this date and his 3 volume set of his writings is my most valuable magic possession.

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