Just look at that boy cipher

Brooks sent out a PM today, 12/5/09, hawking some of His Holiness’ stuff. In part: from now until December 24th, 2009….blah, blah Don’t THOSE crease your Card Case?!? But there’s only about 10 days left…..blah blah Not only can he turn a clever phrase, but he ciphers like Jethro Bodine. Dumb ass!

The new Osterlind videos

I see L&L is releasing Richard Osterlind’s new videos covering Corinda’s Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. His earlier efforts were classics. Recently, his stuff has been nearly unwatchable. I hope he gets his mojo back. Reversing momentum is tough.

The upcoming John Bannon videos

Some outfit, that I’ve never hear of,  Big Blind Media, will be releasing Bannon’s new set of videos called Bullets After Dark. I know nothing about them, but I do know about John Bannon! There’s something special when very intelligent people put pen to paper or are involved with an instructional DVD – witness Bannon, …

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Step right in

Over the years I’ve been in magic I’ve seen a number of great salesman. After all, isn’t it magic just one big pitch? Among the dealers, three stand out for writing incredibly compelling sales copy: Ken Brooke Jeff Busby Bob Kohler Certainly, my favorite magic dealer was and always will be, Ken Brooke. Ken had …

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