i/m in Hell

   The Cafe is bloated with a lot of trite discussions. This is exacerbated by Scribner and crew deleting many of the interesting ones due to some hidden agenda or misguided rationales. Anyway, one of the topics started daily (can’t anybody use the search function?) is suppose you were on a desert island…. According to …

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Magic doesn’t need this kind of publicity (or magician)

A professional magician was charged yesterday with multiple counts of sexual assault on allegations he molested a Collingswood girl numerous times over 10 years, authorities said. Local magician charged in sex assaults on girl | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/27/2007. Take care…….. Things are more like they are now than they ever were before. – Dwight …

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Requiem For A Real American

  This is hard to write – Damn hard. A business across the street from me had to close its doors – fucking China again . I know global competition and all the other horse shit spouted by the MBAs and CPAs that are running, and ruining, this country. They had the doors open yesterday so the vultures …

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