Does anyone care anymore?


This was in the Denny & Lee Newsletter yesterday. I think many of us know the answer and it’s ugly. For your consideration:

We just started our lecture schedule up again for the fall and I must say, I am very disappointed at the interest in lecturers. Below is a list of great lectures and it just seems that no one seems to care anymore. It is getting more and more difficult to get magicians away from their computers, plasma screens, DVD players, and instant magic downloads from unethical websites. Magic events are poorly attended, magic shops get no more visitors, and live lectures seem to be a thing of the past.

If you look at the magic on TV today and the magic that is being performed, it all seems to be highly edited, almost “unreal” and definitely not able to be performed in “real life” situations. I wonder where the young magicians of today will be in the next few years.

I go through a great effort (in both time and money) to bring these fine lecturers to our studio and the apathy makes me wonder if it is really worth the effort.

One of the most disappointing statements is “Well, I never heard of him.” Guess what??? Somewhere in the world is the greatest plumber who ever lived and if you’re not a professional plumber, then you will have never heard of him. It’s the same with magic. It seems like the only reservations coming in are for the Mark Wilson lecture which is almost sold out.

Below is the current schedule of lecturers coming up in the next three months. Our first one is coming up in three more days and currently we have only three people signed up for this Award Winner. This will most likely be your only chance to ever see him lecture. Oh well, the world is changing, and maybe I should learn to change also. I hope not.

Drivel & Drool

The Cafe’ continues to push the bar higher and higher when it comes to raw stupidity.

Bill Palmer started a thread regarding an eBay auction that he felt was misleading / overpriced. The thread is here. Personally, I think there are worse things on eBay, but that’s not the point.

The Cafe’ gestapo removed the link. What could possibly be the purpose? It seems they are personally out to disenfranchise one and all. Actually, I was surprised to see them step on one of the more visible names.

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