Pure Magical Delight

I’ve really been enjoying David Regal’s new book. With all of the unadulterated crap floating around, it’s nice to find a genuine future classic. We’re fortunate that we have people like Regal involved with magic. This type of quality and magic thinking is becoming increasingly rare. I understand he’s going on a lecture tour shortly. …

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Maybe they’re right

The ESPN morning radio host is Colin Cowherd. Colin’s an opinionated blowhard and Colin Cowherd’s biggest fan. He, like Rush Limbaugh, speaks with an infectious energy that’s hard to ignore. Anyway, last week he was talking about attending a social function of some sort and the hosts had hired a magician –  dare I say …

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Virtual Hypnotist

I’ll have to admit a fascination with hypnotism, even though I know very little about it. I ran into a program on the Internet recently called Virtual Hypnotist. It was free, so I downloaded it. I haven’t even looked at it yet. Are any of my readers familiar with it? i/m


Back in March I wrote a review of the Winter Carnival of Magic and I was very critical of a young man that performed and competed as a blind magician. Chris Baldwin, the magician in question, has taken the time to respond and I think it is only fair that he be given the appropriate …

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