Brokeback Cafe

  Drivel & Drool This is just too easy I generally stay away from the easy stuff, but I can’t pass this up. Here’s the latest from the infamous MagicChris: It would be nice if the Café had a gift shop where we could buy things like a Magic Café logo sharpies,Steve Brooks bobbleheads for …

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Thanks to Commentors

….and an apology. Either Blogger’s notification system or my SPAM filter wasn’t working properly and I missed approving a series of great comments. I would suggest you look back over the past few weeks and check them out. A blog will never be totally interactive, but input from readers is valuable beyond estimation. I’m REALLY …

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Is Your Boat Rising?

President John Kennedy is credited with the following statement: ….As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats.. Does the success, notoriety and exposure of David Blaine and/or Criss Angel help you as a magician? Personally, I couldn’t be further from either of them. I’m fat, white, old and …

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