Reading for the holidays

Several years ago, for personal and financial reasons, I got rid of most of my paperbound magic books, manuscripts and lecture notes. I’ve never actually regretted it, as it served a purpose. I made a few bucks and I got rid of many things I would never again use. Of course, there were some items …

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Magic Trick Marketing 102

The Weekly Magic Failure wrote an interesting article recently entitled 10 Rules To Market Magic. Roland was right on point in virtually every instance. It somewhat reminded me of an article I wrote several years ago entitled Fuck Me, I’m A Magician. That article was written towards the end of the Cogitations disaster when I …

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Those Dumb Asses at Bing

For those that may not be aware, Bing is Microsoft’s pitiful excuse for a search engine. Bing also supplies the search data for Yahoo. Put these two together and you have a crap pie for sure. Fortunately, very few people that I know use either Bing or Yahoo. For about three weeks this site and …

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A Magic Conundrum

In the i/m world there are certain truths that we can depend on more than 99% of the time. For instance: You can bet that the drivers of certain types of cars, i.e. Escalades, BMWs and Jaguars are Road Dicks. Likewise the drivers of Jeeps and Hummers are Super Road Dicks. There are enough minor …

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No No Way

I don’t know this trick, or the guy who produced it, but would anyone ever buy this based on the trailer? I have NO IDEA what it looks like. None!