So You Want To Be An Illusionist?!


I’ll admit a prejudice against what magicians call illusions:

  • Most guys dancing around, pointing, strutting and posing while someone else does the work just look ridiculous.
  • Every performer that wants to add an illusion to his act so he can demand more money, seems to, invariably, go out and buy some rickety Super-X and proceeds to fool no one. The only audience interest is hoping the assistant doesn’t fall off as she sways back and forth like a Jack-In-The-Box.
  • So often the acts look like they haven’t bothered to rehearse.
  • I’m seldom fooled by the tricks, even though I’ve never studied illusions.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by a 1st class illusionist and came away with a new appreciation for some of them:

  • That stuff is heavy and hauling it around and setting up is a lot of work
  • The magician doesn’t have to look like an escapee from The Pink Dildo
  • Good props are very expensive, but the end product shows well. Very well.
  • A good assistant is probably better trained than the magician. He exposed the Mismade Girl and the work that must be accomplished in a small space and in seconds is unbelievable.
  • A good illusionists must spend a lot of time deciding what works for his act and not just buy a fancy colored box to prance around.

I could never be an illusionist. Actually, I could never afford it, but that aside, it’s just not me. I will, however, have a much greater appreciation for the performers the next time I see a good illusionist.

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