I think I’ll just play with the box

imageOne of the funnest (yeah, I know – just trying to sound like the street types that permeate every DVD) things I ever did was attend a convention where Paul Harris was the headline attraction. Not only was he the featured act and lecturer, but if you were lucky enough to register early and had $25 (a big deal then) you had a small group session with Paul. He was a charming host and willingly helped everyone. I was a fan before the convention and that experience only served to reinforce and magnify my appreciation of the man and his work. This was well before Paul went away to contemplate. I continue to be a huge fan to this date and his 3 volume set of his writings is my most valuable magic possession.

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Quick Review – Jim Steinmeyer’s Bunko

From the web site: BUNKO Jim’s new shortchange effect is a remarkable close-up routine. The effect is tremendous, writes Richard Kaufman. Bunko is a perfect example of close up magic theater. An intriguing story draws the spectators in and then wallops them with magic. Twenty dollars in change (five singles, three fives) changes to $19, …

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Theory11 Followup

Well, Digital Dissolve arrived – well packed and promptly shipped. I’m not going to take much time here – just the salient points: It IS Steve Dusheck’s trick – the variations are totally derivative from my perspective The DVD is amateur hour in production and content – at least the opening logo was mercifully quick …

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Hold Your Nose

Generally, I only post reviews for two categories – Good to Great and Unimaginably Bad. In all honesty, I try to concentrate on the former as they do the most good for everyone. I like good magic and like telling you about it. However, once in a while there comes along a product so unimaginably …

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