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Generally, I only post reviews for two categories – Good to Great and Unimaginably Bad. In all honesty, I try to concentrate on the former as they do the most good for everyone. I like good magic and like telling you about it.

However, once in a while there comes along a product so unimaginably bad that I must write about it. Products that require ENORMOUS BALLS to ask money for them. I’m talking about world class, pants ripping kajonies. Could you have actually produced and sold Silver Shifter, for instance?

SmColorElephantCrapIn a way, I admire these people. I would never, never in a thousand years, dreamed you could sell bottled water, $5 coffee or $50 rubber coins. Thus, I am doomed to a life of poverty – so be it!

Magicians are the easiest of consumers. I’m constantly amazed at the number of discussions on the Cafe which revolve around someone defending shoddy treatment, poor shipping or total non-delivery of promised product. The reasons given by the various vendors are invariably pathetic. Their defenders, and there are many, seem unfazed by the jobbing. I stand constantly amazed.

In my old blog I wrote a post titled F*** me, I’m A Magician. It received more comments than anything I ever wrote. Even there the defenders could be found.

The travesty I’m referring to in this review is a 2 DVD set called The Sankey Sanders Sessions. I honestly don’t know how old these are and am not interested enough to find out. The cover says it was shot in 2002. If I can save 1 person from buying this, then it is worth it.

As far as I can tell, one of these guys got a video camera for Christmas and started filming each other doing a bunch (21) of mediocre tricks. At some point one of them must have said think we can sell these tapes. After the laughter died down they must have decided – why not – they’ve seen worse stuff sold. (That’s true, but barely).

Remember what I said above about having industrial grade balls – they took one DVD worth of material and put it on 2 DVDs! It appears they spent the greater part of 15 minutes editing and slapping together a menu.

Both of these guys can do better. Sanders is a likable and capable magician. Some of his earlier stuff has been overpriced, but it least it was decent.

Jay Sankey has gradually tarnished a fine and deserved reputation. His early stuff was brilliantly creative and items like Mr. Clean Coins Across and Paperclipped are modern classics and seminal points for many other tricks. His recent output has been, in a word, pathetic. I expect him to start spitting in a napkin and selling it next. Apparently he has a following that will buy it.

Any good points? Actually the physical production is top notch and you get 2 DVD holders which you can use for other DVDs – that way you can recover 50¢ of the money you spent.

I recall an old story about a farmer that gradually replaced his horse’s food with more and more saw dust. The horse never complained, but one day the horse died. These guys should remember this.

Take care………

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