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From the web site:

Jim’s new shortchange effect is a remarkable close-up routine. The effect is tremendous, writes Richard Kaufman. Bunko is a perfect example of close up magic theater. An intriguing story draws the spectators in and then wallops them with magic. Twenty dollars in change (five singles, three fives) changes to $19, then $14, back to $20… And at the end, the sucker ends up with just thirteen dollars. The routine is ingeniously arranged without any sleight of hand at all. A beautiful set of instructions, written by Richard Kaufman and illustrated with 48 full color photos, explain the routine in detail. Just eight bills. No folding, palming, flaps, switches or false-count sleights. The colorful, specially printed bills enhance the effect… Or perform it with real bills, as the instructions explain.

$25 Postpaid

As I have said repeatedly, reviews are only worthwhile after a substantial time period has passed. Has the product / DVD stood the test of time – is it something you still use – how does it play in the real world? This is just a 1st impression. Something to help you in making a reasonably informed buying decision.

Personally, I don’t think declining magic club membership is the result of fellow magi opting to attend a MENSA meeting rather then the monthly Mystic Poobahs gathering. I’m rather sure Jim Steinmeyer has that option, though. His stuff just screams GENIUS, no matter what it is. His Conjuring Anthology is the most important book of the last five years – maybe longer.

Bunko is a short change routine that is different than any I’ve ever see. and, get this, no steals, flaps or false counts AND you are clean at the end. It comes with phony bills, which are fine, but I think most will want to construct everything from real bills. This will cost you $26 plus the cost of laminating, so the total cost in not insignificant.

The instructions are written by Richard Kaufman and make it possible to learn the routine in short order. Even the suggested presentations are well above the norm.

Well worth your consideration.

Take care………

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