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Hell-sm The Cafe is bloated with a lot of trite discussions. This is exacerbated by Scribner and crew deleting many of the interesting ones due to some hidden agenda or misguided rationales.

Anyway, one of the topics started daily (can’t anybody use the search function?) is suppose you were on a desert island….

According to your perspective, I’m either on a desert island or taking a sojourn to hell. Visiting a mother in her nineties is a tortuous duty. I’ll spare you the details. I pray that I have the money left to buy a bullet to spare my boys these excruciatingly horrible obligations – if you are an only child, you have my sympathies.

Anyway, I usually grab a couple of books when I make these trips – something to divert my attention. I’m increasingly convinced that the recent books of John Bannon (I don’t own the earlier ones) represent the best of the modern writers:

  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Inpossibilia
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy

If you have the books, but don’t have the DVDs, I strongly recommend you add them to your collection. Be warned, John is a $450 an hour lawyer and not a performer. The tricks, even the most difficult, are competently performed, however, and you will traverse the great divide from the printed word to performance much quicker.

One disappointment, though, either Yedid has no eye for women or somebody’s wife chose them for the video. We’ll be charitable and say uninspiring.

Take care………



I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy – but that could change.  – Dan Quayle

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