Requiem For A Real American




This is hard to write – Damn hard. A business across the street from me had to close its doors – fucking China again . I know global competition and all the other horse shit spouted by the MBAs and CPAs that are running, and ruining, this country.

They had the doors open yesterday so the vultures could come and preview the body before it was sold off today. I was walking the dog and inside was a gigantic American flag – one he had put up after 9/11. He’s a veteran, also.

Unfortunately the poor soul has no real idea what happened. All he knows that honesty and hard work have been rewarded with bankruptcy – still he flies the flag. Damn!

This story is written thousands of times every week. Good people destroyed by people like Dick Fucking Cheney and his corporate buddies. People that kill more before morning coffee than Bin Laden can in his wettest dreams. All the while that moron we have for a president is running around playing guns to prove he has a bigger weenie than his old man.

What a mess – what a terrible mess.



I had other priorities in the ’60s than military service. – Dick Cheney

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