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I spent Tuesday evening at one of the local magic clubs. We had a good time. It was more like a bunch of guys getting together for a session.

No question, though, the group is aging and there is no new blood. This particular club is devoid of the politics that infect so many groups and we still have a total inability to attract the younger crowd. As I understand it, we’re not alone.

Has the Internet totally destroyed the need for clubs. Personally, there’s nothing like personal interaction, but I seem to be in an increasingly small group that feels this way. Yeah, I know that magic clubs have historically been populated with a large percentage of jack asses, but they thrived regardless of that. What’s the difference?

I wish I knew!

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

The Old Stuff

I’ve often said that the value of a book, prop or DVD can only be determined after some substantial period of time has passed. You only have to look at the furor surrounding the release (and pre-release) of tricks like The Black Widow or Electric Touch and compare it to the number for sale at very cheap prices now to realize that very few miracles have lasting power.

When was the last time you added something new to your working repertoire?

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Prohibition is one new item that will make it. It may even, someday, wear the classic moniker. I strongly recommend it to you. It’s an impromptu cap in bottle trick. Impromptu is not really the right word here, as it does require preparation and a gimmick, but it is well worth it.

I’m guessing that this one will be a long term keeper.


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