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Every month the Cafe’ has a special guest. This month was some guy that works in a minor show at one of the smaller Vegas hotels. He brags that he’s worked 3 years straight. Could be – he obviously hasn’t had to take time off to attend a MENSA meeting (or even learn to use a spell checker).

I found him crass and, at times, just plain mean to the sycophants kissing his pompous ass.

Randy Wakeman managed to grovel the most:

Paul Kozak is one of most entertaining, talented individuals working today. The Great Kozak has been around, paid his dues, and not just as good as he used to be—he just keeps getting better all the time. Kozak is a true talent.
For years, Paul was the consummate comedy club headliner. I’ve seen Kozak rule the room: from the moment of his first gleeful cackle, he is instantly watchable and likeable. You can believe “it’s gonad get hot tonight” when the Great Kozak flashes his playful smile along with a menacing, slightly evil command to “Watch me work!” When Kozak grabs the stage, it is action, fire, music, magic, and most of all … fun.
It has taken a lot of years, and a lot of hard work from Paul to both achieve and maintain this level of quality mayhem, but he has sure done it. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the comedy club gig, Paul knows it from all sides—and knows how to make it rock. Anyone thinking they’ve got what it takes to make it in the comedy circuit world would do well to seek the counsel of Paul—he can tell you what you need to do, and what you shouldn’t do like very few people can.
The Kozak experience has long been “instant party.” From the time Kozak lets it go, those around him are in for quite a ride: a ride of fun, surprise, and action. I’ve seen it many, many times—whether just before catching a plane, or lighting up the stage. When Kozak wants to, he can fill the room like so very few performers can. Everybody likes him; the chicks always dig him. Had Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons paid a bit closer attention to Kozak, they wouldn’t have had to slather on all that make-up. Paul Kozak defines “Headliner” to me. Few can follow him; no one in their right mind would attempt such a precarious maneuver. Part mayhem, part magic, all fun, all entertaining—the Pyrotechnic Prince of Prestidigitation is Paul Kozak.
Recent years have brought the Kozak beast to Las Vegas, where his talent continues to glisten, with the addition of Paul’s highly tuned “toe-throw.” It is Vegas, baby, and Kozak is a part of it. I watch Paul do his thing whenever I get the chance.
Earlier this year, I was brought to Las Vegas for a trade show. I make it a point to visit with my good friend, Frank Zak, and of course Paul Kozak if at all possible. The “World’s Greatest Magic Show” at the Greek Isles is invariably a terrific show, with a well-balanced line-up that is just plain outstanding. Kevin James, as you might imagine, always does a superlative job—and closes the show.
The thread that keeps it all together is Paul Kozak, through multiple costume changes and toe-throws. This must be a new experience for Paul, accustomed to making his own rules as the perennial headliner. Now, we have scripting, timing, and a Las Vegas audience counting on Paul to keep it all moving, keep it all fresh, and keep it all happening. Paul doesn’t just handle it, he excels at it. Kozak shines as brightly as ever—there really is something to be said for talent, after all.

 It requires less and less to be a hero, I guess.

Take care……… 

Drivel & Drool

I Can’t Stand It Any More!!

So I won’t try. I really tried to lay off the Cafe’, but there’s just so much material there and things that need to be said.

For instance, take this quote from fearless leader:

I’m shocked that you would be so bold as to complain. I let you in my house, you sit on my couch, then open my refrigerator and complain about the free food.

Now let’s examine that statement, forgetting the obvious rudeness, smugness and intolerable pomposity.

1. Can you imagine sitting on THAT couch – covered in french fries and blue-green remnants of old food. In addition, how could you possibly sit and not fall into the 2 giant cheek impressions left by his enormous bulk. It gives me the willies….like drowning in greasy quicksand.

2. Complain about the free food!! Do you really think there is an unchewed morsel in that house? I seriously doubt it.

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