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Thanks George

This Article about the magician that closed down an airport for hours when those geniuses at TSA discovered his butane tank should be funny, but it’s not. Yeah, I know the guy’s an idiot for not declaring it and getting the rules, but this sort of over reaction is absurd.

According to the article, the police kicked down the door of a sibling’s house and closed the airport for hours. I know that the politically correct thing to say is that I’m just glad they were there doing their jobs. Bull shit!

The last time I heard of a major closing was when they found chicken soup in somebody’s luggage. This closed LAX for hours! Don’t you feel safer?

We are reaping years of our President , George F. Bush II, saturating us with terror, terror, terror. Of course we need to be careful and vigilant, but this son of a bitch has turned us into a nation of cowering weenies. Add this to all of the security experts we now have (greedy refugees from Y2K) that have a lot to gain from fear and you have a general destruction of our way of life.

I haven’t got any answers – just frustration!

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