It’s Not All Crap After All!


I’ve been going through a magic funk recently, thinking there is absolutely nothing good in magic.

  • Clubs are dying.
  • New tricks are stale rehashes.
  • Damn few decent books.
  • The new DVDs S-T-I-N-K
  • All but a few performers are lame with a capital L

Out of boredom and nothing else to do, I went to a lecture. After attending the Al Bach lecture recently, I swore off ever going to another one. Just brutal. Anyway, Bob Sheets came through town and am I ever glad I went. It’s been a long time since a left a lecture actually enthused about the material. Material that made me want to go home and try some of the ideas.

Sheets was competent, funny, entertaining and congenial. His work with the shells is legendary and the reputation well deserved. His material shows the result of years of performance honing. He freely gave of his experience and answered all questions thoughtfully and completely.

Thanks, Bob, for putting some energy back in this old magic body!

Take care…..

Drivel & Drool

Cafe Fund Drive……..


I’m surprised the needle moved at all!

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