He Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree


I recently attended a show by a local magician, Dan Sperry, held in a theatre not far from where I live. Dan is a young man with wild spiked hair and very mod clothes. It’s not really my kind of act, but I do try to support any local magic action if at all possible.

Actually, the show wasn’t bad. The audience was about half kids, I would say and even though a lot of his material was more advanced he tried to play solely to the kids. Personally, I think that was a mistake, but it was his call.

Anyway, at some point he called up a kid that I would guess was about nine. The boy was a holy terror. He totally destroyed what should have been one of the highlights of the show – his Miser’s Dream. The kid ran behind the table and was totally uncooperative. A more seasoned performer would have done a quick bit and gotten the little hellion off of the stage. Dan pressed on and on and on. When the bit was over, the kid wouldn’t leave – his mother finally had to come on stage and get him.

My point? I was sitting next to some ass hole the was laughing at everything the kid did. I couldn’t understand. Then I realized it was his old man. Pitiful, just pitiful. I’m always amazed when parents will let their kids be so rude and thoughtless and make things miserable for everyone else.

I’m getting old……

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Time to award the i/m Disposable Douche Award again

As we’ve mentioned previously, the i/m DD is not given frivolously or lightly. It must be earned by continuously being a pompous jackass – a rude and boorish person, incapable of decent human emotion or compassion. In other words – a world class DICK!

Today’s recipient is a man of unquestioned qualification for this prestigious designation. We are fortunate that he so freely exhibits his dickosity to one and all. I commend to you his latest bit of rancour:


Yes friends, Mario Carrandi is our honoree. As one who has dealt with Mario for many years, let me assure you that he is no johnny-come-lately to dickdom. No sirree bob, he’s been a horse’s ass since day one, only improving with age and growing in his chosen craft.

Here’s a tip of our hat and a drop of the trou to you, Mario – i/m’s latest Disposable Douche.

2 thoughts on “He Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree”

  1. That always frustrates me when I’m at a show and I see the parents either let their kids behave that way or even encourage that crazy kind of behavior. It’s for that reason that I think may magicians just won’t do kids shows.

    On another note, I was fortunate enough to see Dan Sperry do his dove act at World Magic Seminar and he was truly amazing. It was one of the best parts of the gala show.

  2. Yes, Dan does a terrific dove act.

    My guess is that manipulation is really his thing, but he realizes the the $$ is probably in the family / kid genre. Too bad.


    PS I do wish Dan were a little gentler with his doves. He “appears” to be overly rough at times and can leave a bad impression. I’ve heard laymen comment more than once.


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