Magic Wisdom From Flaubert


I saw this quote attributed to Gustave Flaubert on my son’s wall recently –

Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.

About the only thing that comes with getting old is you get old. Just about the time you MAY have figured out a few things, someone comes along and throws a shovel of dirt in your face and says “don’t do that anymore”………

Age seems to bring an appreciation of precision and an intolerance of slop. I think the lesson for magicians in Flaubert’s quote is that any discipline requires undivided attention, free from other distractions so that our complete being can focus on the job at hand.

There was a famous card magician that always rented two rooms when he went into a town. One to sleep in and one to practice. The practice room had nothing but a table, a chair and a deck of cards. Few of us can afford that kind of luxury, but the lesson is crystal clear. The next time you start working on that routine you’ve been aiming to take to the next level for a long time, try to create a simple atmosphere with nothing but you and that single trick and I bet the results will show exponential improvement.

While I’m on quotes, I should add a long time favorite. This one is from Zig Ziglar.

Wherever you are – be there!

That says a bundle. Think about it. Really think about it.

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Boy, I’m sure glad our government wrote that Anti-Spam Law

Am I just getting less tolerant or has the amount of SPAM precipitously risen recently?

I’m no programmer, but I believe I could write a SPAM filter that could catch these. (Actual emails that made it through my commercial filter):

  • Lesbian sisters in hot scenes
  • Gay Russian men in action
  • Four lenders want to talk with you
  • Canadian Pharmacy
  • Mexican Pharmacy
  • 18 Million Active Members – Real Sex – No Commitment

That’s this morning and these don’t include the ones that dropped the F-Bomb right in the Subject line! ….and with all this great advice, I’m still dirt poor – can’t get any women and my willy still hasn’t reached my knees. Oh well – maybe in the next life.

If Only Magic Were Real

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