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It’s pretty easy to project ones own feelings on the rest of the world. Is it just me, or is the country in a deep, deep funk? Between that stupid war that G2 gave us, the hurricanes and the reaming we’re getting from the oil companies, there doesn’t seem much to get up for. It would seem to be a time to turn to something like magic for a diversion and pressure relief, however just the opposite seems to be happening.

The message boards, the blogs and club attendance has really slowed. I can’t understand it.

Personally, I can say that writing a blog gets difficult in times like this. Readers owe an author absolutely nothing, as a blog is basically an exercise in personal vanity. Having said that, I’m sure most of us sit and write and wonder if we’re just pissing in the wind. Some interaction can help.

If you are reading a blog, let the author know. Most, but not all, will certainly appreciate the effort. I know a lot of work goes into a good post and most of us need a little pat on the ass once in a while.

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

The Haydn Saga Continues

Check out this Link on the Genii forum. Supposedly, this is from Doug Bush – the original author of the disputed manuscript included on the SfS DVD on the 3 shell game. I have no way of knowing whether this is actually from Mr. Bush, but it makes for interesting reading.

The only thing that came to mind is Mr. Bush was said to attend the same church as somebody in magic (Joe Turner, I believe). If this is, in fact, the real Doug Bush, he must study from the same book as my favorite holy man, Stephen F. Youell.

Actually, if everything is as written in that message, I guess I would be gloating too…….

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