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I’m sure most of us really love magic. Sometimes, actually frequently, we get diverted from the performance and study of a fascinating hobby / avocation / vocation and get bogged down in crap like I cover on this blog. Few people think they want to see magic. This is unfortunate, as most people genuinely enjoy good magic – they just don’t know it. When Carson ruled the night millions of people saw great close-up magic performed by performers like Goshman, Gertner and Dill. Today we just don’t get that kind of exposure. It’s more important than ever that we all perform only the best tricks and perform them to the utmost of our ability, which includes major practice sessions. In the coming days we’ll be discussing the best tricks to have with you all the time so you can impress your audience and begin the long process of elevating out down trodden art.

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Drivel & Drool

Balancing Act

Boy, talk about Rosemary’s Baby. The last two pictures I’ve placed on this blog have been Hillary Clinton and Steven F. Brooks. I don’t even want to think about it. That’ll fuck up the blog Feng Shui big time. Here’s a little eye candy to balance things out:

That should put the Drool back in Drivel & Drool. Now I feel better and balance is restored in the cosmos.

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