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I see L & L is announcing 2 new video sets:

Richard Osterlind’s Mind Mysteries Too

Mind Mysteries Too continues on from the high-water mark set by the first Mind Mysteries series, one of the best-selling video sets in magic history. Transcending the boundaries of traditional mentalism and magic, Mind Mysteries Too completes the circle of Richard Osterlind’s life work to date. You’ll see Richard captivating and astounding a studio audience with his original material and then you’ll go behind the scenes once again, along with host Jim Sisti, as he explains every nuance of the inner workings of each effect. What’s more, each set of performances is arranged as a mini-show, demonstrating Richard Osterlind’s classical approach to routining, an invaluable lesson in itself!

If you enjoyed Mind Mysteries, as thousands did, you’ll love these Mind Mysteries Too!

L & L publishing proudly presents new DVDs Featuring Garrett Thomas

Over the last few years, Garrett Thomas has quickly become recognized as a major creative force in magic, so much so that luminaries like David Blaine, Marco Tempest, and many others have retained his services as a consultant for their television specials.

In this series, Garrett Thomas tips his mitt and offers the complete details on magic that he uses to make a living — amazing effects that have had magicians merely speculating about their methods.

Welcome . . . to the strange and wonderful world of Garrett Thomas!

I’m a real fan of Osterlind’s stuff, especially his magic items, such as Torn & Restored Post-It note and Signed Torn & Restored Newspaper. He also introduces mentalism within the reach of the magic performer. My only concern is whether we scraped the bottom for another set. We’ll see.

The usual warning about L & L should be observed. Announcing the product doesn’t necessarily means it is shipping. Call first.

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