Silver Shafter


party-pinguin-ocal-300pxI missed an important anniversary recently. It was just over 10 years ago when I reviewed Steve Brooks’ masterpiece, Silver Shifter – the magic trick destined to change the way we perceive our universe  and our very being.

For those that may be interested (and I strongly suggest it) you can find the original post at Especially if you are unfamiliar with this, I think you might find it of interest. For some additional historical perspective, these posts on Genii are priceless.

Actually, Brooks is the one that should be laughing. He’s got my 50 bucks and I’ve got jack squat. I kind of wish I had that thing on my shelf as a reminder of a lot of things. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep it. Maybe he’ll bring it back as part of a new Deluxe line.

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