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Logo_rozI’m a big fan of the reviews posted on My Lovely Assistant. They are sincere, well considered and well written.

From my perspective, they suffer from a little bit of grade inflation, but that’s because I’m a cranky old fart and would rarely give anything more than three stars.

On January 9, 2016, a review of Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck by Darryl Davis was published. I’ve seen the DVD and pretty much agree with the conclusions. The final paragraph got my attention:

While the technique on this video works very well with practice and the impromptu effect itself is not bad, it will not be for everyone. There is certainly quite a bit of material packed onto this disc and if you like what you see in the trailer and/or read in the ad copy, you might like this one. Just do not call it an ‘Invisible Deck’, okay?

It’s not bad, but it requires a lot of practice and effort to perform properly and what have you got then –  something that is not bad.

One thing that amazes me more and more is the effort, time and money put into tricks that are, at best, C+. Why would you do that!

Years ago Ye Olde Magic Blogge wrote a terrific series giving his perspective on the best of various tricks. It really made ol’ i/m think about his magic and it caused me to pull out some old stuff I had either forgotten or ignored the first time through e.g. Charlie Frye’s Torn and Restored Card buried in the travesty that was the Paul Harris Project Without Paul Harris. I miss the Blogge.

Someone please explain to me why any thinking magician would ever consider performing anything that wasn’t best of breed!

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