Where magic columnists go to die


1stAnniversarySmTIn September 2005 Brooks started a new section on the Cafe called The Buffet. I guess you could call it a blog section. Several of the more prolific members were given the opportunity to post essays on any matters they chose. Brooks, so he told us at the time, was just too busy to regularly contribute to the Cafe, so this would be his way to give us his thoughts and share some of the inside poop. We were going to travel together on a new highway……blah blah blah

Excluding the self-aggrandizing introduction, he’s managed to make 4 posts in over 2 years. We see comets more often than that.

I’ve got a suggestion, Stevie. You don’t seem too busy to not make it to the supper table, or lunch table, or breakfast table, or midnight snack table, or afternoon snack table etc. If you’re going to do something – skip a meal and write the damn column or just chuck the whole thing. Today is ONE YEAR since your last post. That ought to be an embarrassment, but I doubt it is.

As my buddy Jed would say…..

Jed Pitiful – just pitiful.

To be fair, there are two good things happening on the Buffet. Brad Burt is writing his usual, insightful perspectives and I see Jamie Grant is once again posting. Both are worth your consideration.

Take care………


When it’s all over, it’s not who you were. It’s whether you made a difference. – Bob Dole


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