Goodbye Mom – I love you!



My mother passed away last week and even though it was expected it sure hurts. She was a strong woman – going out on her own terms. She decided to discontinue the transfusions that were keeping her alive and let nature take its course. It was the right decision.

The end came quickly – too quick for me, but a blessing for her. I’m an only child and there’s not a corner of my life she didn’t touch. If I think of magic, it was the frequent trips to the only magic store in town and the purchase of my first real trick – the Prayer Vase. The magic set at Christmas or the money to buy the latest miracle from Douglas Magicland or Top Hat. 

In her later years she sometimes frustrated me and I got mad – real mad at times (I got my temper from her), but it probably wasn’t fair. That’s something I’ll live with. Today, everything reminds me of her. The human mind is a wonderful thing – the ability to recall the good and suppress the rest is marvelous.

See ya later, Mom…….

Take care……… 



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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
    My mother died 3 years ago, very suddenly, she dropped dead. It was shocking but as someone who’s been through that if its any consolation I can tell you that whatever you may feel now the pain will recede and you’ll get through it and go on. Its an old cliche but a very true one… time is a great healer.

    best wishes,



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