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As I write this, the posts about Linked on the Cafe have reached nearly 300 with well over 10,000 views. Besides the I’ve been screwed element of the posts there was genuine excitement for a long time. At least until most people caught on.

Why is this? In every magician there beats a little voice Linked-Screwedthat tells us that there is a trick out there that will make us a legend – a household name. A trick, dvd or book that will cause strong men to weep and sexy women to tear off their clothes screaming take me – take me now! All we have to do is find it. Just look at the conjecture about U3F2 – unbelievable. This is what drives the magic market.

Someone recently told me that you’re not old until your regrets exceed your dreams. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and here’s hoping we all find that elusive trick that will answer our fondest desires.


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You know my problem – I appeal to everyone that can do me absolutely no good. – Rodney Dangerfield

2 thoughts on “The next big thing”

  1. It’ll only work if you are the only one with the amazing trick that fullfills your dreams.

    So, that rules out any from a magic dealer!

    Maybe it would be better to concentrate on being a great performer?!

  2. Dan,

    I whole heartedly agree. How many times have we heard “that’s just too much trouble” we when see the work and time required to perform tricks like those done by people like Tommy Wonder, Del Ray, John Carney etc.

    So we continue to scour the forums, ads and magazines looking for the ready-made “king maker”.

    Thanks for commenting.


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