Beaten to the punch



Damn you Whack! This guy goes in hiding for a year (yeah, I know, I’m in no position to talk) and comes back with a post that steps all over one I’ve got in the holding tank.

Admittedly, neither of us are being overly original in targeting what magicians pass off as bizarre and spooky magic at this time of year. Whack is reviewing a DVD – read it, you’ll enjoy it.

I always get amused as a magician lights a candle and performs the Mystic Ball and Vase with the eye of the cyclops….etc. If you are performing for people with an IQ above 55 or so, nobody is going to buy it. So, unless you are working at the Whitehouse or a congressional caucus, nobody is fooled, entertained or scared. They may be mildly amused at you, but not in the way planned.

If you really want to scare people, you might consider doing something like this:



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Drivel & Drool

Forget Magic

I’m taking up bird watching!!


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