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I stopped by my local magic dealer over the weekend and he actually got me to pull out the credit card and make a major purchase.

I’ve been rather disgusted with a lot of magic props currently available, but once in a while I see something that gives real value.

Jerry O’Connell has been a semi-underground name for a number of years. Many people have considered him the finest magic wallet maker in the business. The wallets were only available from Jerry and certain select dealers. Apparently he has decided to make the items available to a larger audience and your local dealer can now obtain his products through the normal distribution channels. I think there are about 6 items available.

For those that like a Himber Wallet, this one is very well made. Personally, I always thought a Himber Wallet looked exactly like what it is and am surprised that it fools anyone.

I’ve always been fond of card to wallet effects and my favorites are:

  • Jerry Mentzer’s Mullica Wallet
  • The Garnier Wallet from The Camirand Academy
  • The Jennings Wallet from Jeff Buzzbee

Add to that list the Plus Wallet from Jerry O’Connell. This wallet is packed full of features. The ID case makes the envelope nearly passe’ and will make a nice addition for the table hopper.

The Wonder Unit could be a nice addition for those performing Shaxon’s Confabulation. I would strongly suggest looking up Ron Wilson’s routine, as well as the original from Ken Brooke. Putting these three together could make someone a real reputation, I believe.

Although I haven’t tried it, the wallet should be fine for Ken Brooke’s Absolutely Impossible. A much overlooked trick.

The biggest surprise was the included DVD. I’ve come to expect DVDs included with tricks to be nothing more than coasters and they aren’t even good at that because of the hole in the middle. This DVD is a gem! Not from a production standpoint, but because the the quality of the information. The DVD is just Craig Dickson sitting at a table with a single camera pointed at him. Craig has used and carried the O’Connell wallets for many years and his knowledge is apparent. The practical tips and advice are invaluable. The wallet also comes with real instructions written by someone who has English as a first language. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a high quality prop with world class instructions like this. (I hate to say it, but that industrial grade prick, Jeff Buzzbee, was the last.)

You do, of course, have to wear a jacket to use this prop, but most of us would be doing so anyway. This is an item that deserves your consideration.


Here’s the advertising poop if you’re interested. 

Plus Wallet (Large)
by Jerry O’Connell

This wallet is way ahead of any wallet in the magic world today. Not only is it a practical wallet, equipped to cater for all your everyday needs, it will also perform all the following effects too: “Card to Wallet” “Card to Sealed Envelope” “Card to ID Case” and even more effects using the “No Palm Feature”. All these wonderful effects are cleverly built into the design and will not hinder the wallets everyday use. Removing everything from the zip compartment makes these effects even more stunning and magical.

Everything a magician needs is in this wallet which has been carefully thought out to work without needing a lot of skill.

Included with Wallet:

ID Case – An accessory for the Plus wallets, it fits over the chute tongues, is used instead of an envelope.

Wonder Unit – A small note pad which fits easily into the Plus Wallets to add more stunning effects such as Confabulation and Predicta Lottery Ticket.

Bonus DVD – Basic instructions for Plus Wallet and No Palm Wallet. Also contains PDF files to envelope templates and instructions.

Made from genuine leather.



Take care……… 

Drivel & Drool

Good Luck Tom!

Tom Frank’s blog, Coming Through The Haze, is certainly one of the most popular magic blogs. I don’t know Tom personally, but anyone that reads his writings must feel some degree of intimacy. Tom has very openly shared his life’s trials and tribulations with divorce, custody issues and life in general. Few of us could be so open.

Tom is moving from Seattle to Los Angeles to be with his new love and I truly hope he finds what he is looking for.

Good luck, Tom – keep in touch.

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