Recalling the Tom Foolery


About a 100 years ago, or so, my wife took me to see Tom Mullica at the Tom Foolery in Atlanta. She was, and is, a pretty woman and drew one of the hot seats next to Tom’s close-up area. AS he husband/date I got to tag along and sit next to her.

It was one of the most magical nights I’ve ever experienced. When I discussed the late Tommy Wonder, I pointed out how far he would go to fool the pants off you. Tom Mullica was the same. Although he worked behind the Klem Kadiddlehopper persona, he was a devious performer. He had the added advantage of total control of his surroundings – lights, music, employees, layout – everything.

I can still recall staring at his face while he was stuffing it full of cigarettes and napkins. I knew what was coming, but never saw a thing. They just vanished. Real magic was the only explanation.

I recently picked up Kaufman’s book about Tom’s magic and it brought back wonderful memories, but it, in no way, captured the sheer artistry of the man.

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Ken Lay Aftermath

I received several emails, critical of my comment on Ken Lay.

Get this – I make absolutely NO apologies. Ken Lay and his ilk have destroyed hundreds of times more Americans than Osama Bin Laden could ever dream about. At least Bin Laden’s victims came to a quick end, while the victims of the corporate board rooms die a slow and much more painful death than any physical abuse could ever cause. To Ken Lay I say rot in the pits of Hell you lying, stealing bastard. I just hope someone that can be trusted actually sees the body. Believe me, he can afford and is fully capable of a death scam.


A small and somewhat minor PS – While I was writing this, I saw an ad on TV from Chrysler. Now Chrysler is no better or worse than the rest, but they are a good example. They are advertising their cars and how they are better because of the Mercedes merger. Who knows, but the ad says try it for thirty days and if you don’t like it, just bring it back. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Do you know what those fuckers have in the fine print on the screen? I’ll tell you what – buyer is responsible for a 5% restocking fee. Restocking fee my ass. Thats well over $1,000 dollars, for their implied 30 day trial….and the sad part – not a single one of those lying corporate bastards will ever understand why this is wrong.

Save room down there for more Ken – you’re far from the only lying, stealing sack of shit in America’s corporate board rooms.

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