Short Stops


I’ve been reading a lot about Maven’s Protocols of the Elders and the furor around the exposition of the secret – I don’t care.

The Gazzo / Penguin alliance is rather surprising. Then again – them that has the gold……

Losander’s Thumb Tie – Decent, but overpriced

School for Scoundrels Golden Shells – Top notch product

The new Card Through Window dvd – Grotesquely overpriced

If I have to sit through one more – take an average trick and add an interesting story and presentation – lecture I’m gonna scream. These are nothing more than excuses for crappy magicians to give lectures. Try this – go home and practice. Develop some abilities that others want to see. If you want to continue with this actor bull shit, join an improv group and get the hell away from magic.


Take care………

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