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Blogs such as i/m sit on the edges of the mainstream. If the Internet was a newspaper we would be one of those fillers used to complete a column. You know – the average summer temperature in Sioux Falls is 70 or we would be the sleezy massage parlor ads in the back of the sports section. Hopefully, on a good day, we’re the comics.

On the other hand, blogs like John LeBlanc’s Escamoteurettes are the editorial page – the leading articles. Hell, I can’t even pronounce it. John is a thoughtful, careful writer, generally with something to say. Even the header screams class.

In his most recent article (Click here) John takes a cut at the theoretical five foot shelf. The list shows his usual careful thinking and even gives some of the history behind this exercise.

Since I tend to collect magazine compilations, I was interested to note that his personal list was over 1/3 magazines by count and probably close to half by size. Personally, I would probably add Richard’s Almanac and the bound Phoenix volumes.

John’s article also reminded me that I must pick up Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. I’ve heard a LOT of good things about it.

Anyway, hop over to John’s blog and add your thoughts. It’s an exercise worth repeating periodically.

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Enjoy the kids, friends and family. This magic crap is so insignificant it isn’t even on the radar.

Remember the important things.

1 thought on “Something To Think About”

  1. First, thanks for the kind (and generous) compliments. I try not to be so serious all the time by keeping my fart cushion always nearby. Doesn’t always work. Ha.

    Second, it might amuse you to know Richard’s Almanac, the Phoenix reprints, and Pallbearers Review were all pretty close to being included in the first cut — and that would have finished off the remaining thirteen inches or so. Like you, I’m a huge fan of magazines and I love reprinted collections dearly. (But I didn’t realize until you pointed out how much of my list is, in fact, magazines!)

    Finally, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as I intend to enjoy mine.



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