A Magic Conundrum


In the i/m world there are certain truths that we can depend on more than 99% of the time. For instance:

You can bet that the drivers of certain types of cars, i.e. Escalades, BMWs and Jaguars are Road Dicks.

Likewise the drivers of Jeeps and Hummers are Super Road Dicks.

There are enough minor exceptions to keep these from becoming laws. For example, I happen to know a single BMW driver and a Jeep driver that are not in their respective categories. Escalade’s, BMWs and Hummers have a purity Adolf Hitler would admire. If you drive one, believe me, you’re a Richard.

I was thinking about this when I went on the Cafe and the other day. It seemed like every time I said to myself that guy is a moron, he would have thousands of posts. In the brief time I was there I began to look for frequent users of the Cafe to find one that wasn’t an idiot. I struck out. And I missing something? Are all Cafe heavy posters dumb as a box of rocks? Is this a law or is this a truth?

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