Reading for the holidays


CardsSeveral years ago, for personal and financial reasons, I got rid of most of my paperbound magic books, manuscripts and lecture notes. I’ve never actually regretted it, as it served a purpose. I made a few bucks and I got rid of many things I would never again use.

Of course, there were some items that I wished I hadn’t sold. Among these were the four manuscripts on riffle shuffle technique written by Karl Fulves. Recently, I was lucky enough to acquire a hardbound version of them. Fulves never released any hardbound items to my knowledge, except the Daly Notebooks and a reprint of one of the Hofzinser books. The book that I acquired was from the library of a gentleman in the south and he had the four manuscripts professionally bound. It is absolutely beautiful and in perfect condition. Sometimes you have to get lucky.

My project for the holidays is to begin learning the Stevens” control and to continue polishing my Zarrow shuffle. I actually enjoy this sort of thing and don’t find the practice boring or tedious.

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