Polishing A Pig


LipstickPig You would not have to read this blog for long to know that I consider 2 types of people the worst forms of the breed – bullies and hypocrites. Some of my favorite characters from the Cafe are world class in both categories, including the primary subject of this essay. Bullies, in my definition, are those that take advantage of their status or situation to inflict their position on those unable to respond due to their respective stations (e.g. the abusive boss). There is no lower form of life and I know there must be a very hot place in Hell for them – it’s going to be a crowded place!

Some years ago, Stephen Youell, his holiness, ran a paid website called Cogitations. There was a lot of discussion whether Youell actually delivered what was promised. From my perspective and that of many others, he didn’t. His friends and other enablers persisted in excusing him by claiming they got value for their money. So what! The man had created a contract with his subscribers saying he would do certain things and he didn’t. That’s a fact.

I received and retained a number of messages that Youell sent to people that were just unbelievable in their hatefulness and meanness. At the same time the footer on his Café signature cited a Bible verse, hence the moniker his holiness. At the end of this particular conflagration Youell did his best you won’t have me to kick around anymore (Richard Nixon circa 1966) and rode off into the sunset. Apparently, his horse got lost and turned around. He’s back. Just like getting shit on your finger – you can’t get rid of it.

B. D. Erland wrote, maybe the most intense magic blog I’ve ever read. I don’t know who he is or even if that’s his real name, nor does it matter one whit. I do know that he is a young man who cares about his magic and the state of the art. His essays are brilliantly conceived and thoughtfully constructed. Do I agree with everything he says? Absolutely not! He is however someone who is willing to civilly debate any issue. After he closed his blog — come back B.D. — he apparently became embroiled in a verbal altercation with Youell on the Café.

Anyone that has been around the Café for any length of time realizes that trying to argue with one of Brooks insiders is absolutely fruitless. Your posts will be deleted and his buddies’ posts will either survive or be the last word. Here’s B.D.’s recount all of the altercation:

Ye Olde Magic Blog

(B.D. and others – put Evernote on your computer. When you get a PM or thread on the Cafe that you want to keep – move it to Evernote. Brooks and his henchmen are impotent to alter history then.)

The battle moved to The Weekly Magic Failure. Youell’s posts certainly fit the classic definition:


Polishing A Turd

The act of trying to make something hopelessly weak and unattractive appear strong and appealing. An impossible process that usually results in a larger, uglier turd.

The whole thing is absurd. Youell long ago lost the right to claim any sort of heat of the moment defense. Hiding behind the incredible bulk makes it even less palatable.

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