Back At Ya!


Here’s a shock – the Magic Cafe treats their Guests (as Brooks calls them) like C-R-A-P!

Their latest is to tell all of their AOL users to kiss their virtual ass. Yeah, I know AOL is lame, but a lot of people depend on it for their access. All of the problems could be very simply resolved if they allowed “free” email accounts.

Every day, and I mean every day, I advise clients to move to GMail and unhook themselves from their ISP as their Internet email provider. Once they go through the one time pain of changing they are always happier with the service. Using a free account is the most intelligent way to manage your online email.

I find the genesis of this “policy” hilarious. Back when few people could even spell BLOG, there was a brilliant site called The Magic Circle Jerk. If I recall correctly, he started it after Brooks kicked him off for some minor infraction. In a battle of wits, the Cafe proprietors are totally defenseless and he constantly destroyed them. Andy, the proprietor was an absolute scream. I understand that some of his posts can be found in the Internet archives. It would be worth your time to look them up.

Anyway, one of his last assaults was a contest to see who could write the most boring post.What made this so terribly funny was, no one could be as boring as the regular users. Try as they might, nothing stood out. Brooks and Company closed down new admissions – changed the email policy and ran and hid like a bunch of prepubescent school girls. It was one of the funniest pranks ever.

So, on behalf of all of the AOL users I present the Golden Cheeks to our friends at the Cafe.

Personally, I could care less, but it’s time they revisited this arcane and archaic policy – it’s the right thing to do. (Write your own material here – I’m done).

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